About the photographer:

Travis Yewell is a commercial fashion and lifestyle photographer who currently calls Lompoc his home. As a native Californian, Travis grew up in Lompoc and the place has had his heart since childhood. Prior to his path of discovery and exploration through the photographic process, Travis enlisted in the United States Air Force in the spring of 2001. As a veteran of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, Travis is extremely proud to have served side by side with so many amazing Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines.  In 2010, he left the Air force and transitioned to the civilian sector. Not satisfied with the Aero Space industry, though, he decided to change careers and shortly after enrolled at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design’s commercial photography program. Now, only a few years later, Travis has graduated and is venturing forth as a full time creative. 

Influenced by amazing creative photographers like Richard Avedon, Lara Jade, Annie Leibovitz, Dave LaChapelle, Rankin,  Tommy Ton and, his all-time favorite photographer, Frank Doorhof, Travis has a deep appreciation and understanding of the powerful connection that images possess in everyday life. They help provide meaning and context and can convey ideas and thoughts that are more complex than words allow. Committed to that idea and with empathy, a deep understanding of lighting, and storytelling, Travis infuses his images with strong textures, pops of color, whimsical contradictions, and juxtapositions in hopes of creating something new, exciting, and bold.
Travis Yewell is proud to offer his commercial and retail photographic experience to the Lompoc Valley and California's central coast. If it involves a person and telling a story, then Travis is ready to create some great images. 

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